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Cass Dale Magazin Du Producteur, Mayrac

This is for a high turnover, independent ‘Magasin Du Producteur’. which means they sell only local produce so wanted a ‘friendly’ easily recognised design

They’re well know within the region so wanted something that was easily recognised and has become recognised as a trusted brand

Stand out with a Logo design for your business

Apart from the black & red, this was a complete departure from the original logo.

I used the 2 ‘i’s to give a nod to instructors and pupil with the steering wheel for the ‘O’. Making it into and eye gives a subtle addition to the ‘vision’ theme

Fab Driving Shool Brisbane

FAB, Brisbane

With an obvious connection to the driving school and the road spelling out the school name, I wanted to include additional pointers to the location.

The blue and green show represent the Brisbane location with a river flowing through. I also included 2 of the citys famous landmarks, the Brisbane Wheel and the 1 William tower.